A Month or so in the Tweet Life of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Look, Kim Kardashian is hot. She gets some grief because she’s on an annoying reality TV show, and she had a silly marriage that cost a crapload of money, and her mom is sort of a nightmare, and her sisters, well, same, and–

Okay, Kim may not be a good or enjoyable person. But that does not change the fact that she is hot.

On Twitter (where she has 14 million followers) Kim went on a tear in the month of August and early September, tweeting super sexiness from her Instagram (where she has 4 million followers). Bikini pictures, old photo shoot pictures, a couple lingerie shots, random everyday cleavage — it’s been nice.

Here we present all that Kim Kardashian pictorial niceness without requiring you to actually follow her tabloid lifestyle or read her tweets.