Girl on Girl: Kia Drayton and Jessica Vaugn

Kia Drayton MainKia Drayton is a Playmate I’ve just adored since 2007 when I fist saw her layout! I was very excited to finally get to work with her on a shoot this past winter. Her beautiful face isn’t all she has going for herself! This is the sweetest and most realistic bunny you’ll ever meet, I promise. Read on to get to know this long legged Hotlanta native.

You’re gorgeous, what is your ethnicity?

African American, native American, Polynesian

What are your measurements?


What do you love most about Playboy?

It’s a wonderful family to be a part of, and it feels like a sorority. It’s one of the only jobs where your birthday suit is the uniform!

When you’re out with a guy, what will make you never see him again?

If he tries to split the bill, or can’t afford the bill. OR if his ego was bigger than his penis!

What would you name your autobiography?

Into-Me-See (Intimacy): The Life of a Playmate Bunny!

If you could have a starring role in a movie already made, what movie and character would you be?

I would be Halle Berry in 007: Die Another Day. I always wanted to be a Bond girl.

If you were to have a one night stand with any world leader, who would it be?

It definitely would be Barack Obama

What is your favorite part of your body or face?

I love my breasts, I rub them, literally, most of the day. The inner part of my thigh is sexy, plus I’m ticklish there. And I love my gorgeous, succulent lips.

If you could add one sentence to the constitution, what would you add?

Something that allowed people to have the freedom to walk around nude freely, without judgment or breaking the law.

If you could put anyone in prison, who would you lock up?

I’d have to say that I’d lock up Charlie Sheen for not #winning.

Ha! That’s great! Who is your celebrity crush, both guy and girl?

David Beckham, Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz = a great threesome!

One moment in your life that defined who you are?

When I became a playmate it was the greatest accomplishment in my career as an African-American woman.

What is your favorite part of a man’s body?

I love a man’s chest and arms, and I don’t mind a beer belly because I like real men. I also love a woman’s physique.

Fave food?

I love Thai food.

Fave Sports Team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

One word that sums you up currently?


One word that you hope will sum you up when you die?


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I masturbate, it starts my day off right.

Sexy! Where is the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex? Was it worth it?

On a plane, and it was definitely worth it! I was introduced to the mile high club!

What is some fantasy you have that you’ve never been able to fulfill?

I haven’t yet, but I will have a foursome!