Curvy Kelly Brook Looks Good in Her Own Clothes

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook has launched her own clothing line, called Clothes for Curvy Girls, and one things’ for sure: These outfits sure look good on Kelly Brook.

We get the idea — these clothes are meant to flatter the many women, probably most of them, who have more junk in their trunks and schwing in their things than your average Vogue cover girl. How will they look on one of those, what we’ll call, “real” girls? That remains to be seen. They look very nice on goddess Kelly Brook, but then, Kelly Brook is a goddess. They would probably also look pretty good on other curvy goddesses like Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara. Just guessing here.

We’ve also got some pictures Kelly took a couple weeks ago wearing a strappy swimsuit in a phone booth in Cannes, France. And we will resist the temptation to say anything about Kelly’s “nice Cannes” because every hack blogger boy has already said that. We’re a class operation here. (Doesn’t mean they’re not nice though.)

(Images from Red Balcony and The Superficial.)