Kelly Brook Socks it to Her Breasts

Kelly BrookBefore Kelly Brook did such fine films as Survival Island and Piranha 3D, she was most famous for simply being really, really hot. She regularly topped polls of sexiest women in the UK, or best celebrity body, etc. This was (and is) a good thing because she is curvy, how they like ‘em over there, so imagine the comedy that would ensue if it turned out she were stuffing her bra with socks all this time and her famously perfect breasts were actually something less than we all thought.

(Of course this is a ridiculous premise since she’s already done Playboy and we know exactly what they look like without a bra or pair of socks in sight.)

Here she is for a charity called Sport Relief. We’ve also got some pictures of The Only Way is Essex eye candy Amy Childs.