Tuesday Totty: All 75 Bikini Pictures of Kelly Brook in Italy

Kelly BrookKelly Brook has paid a visit to Nipples, Italy, and done a lot of sightseeing, beach bumming, and shopping while wearing a swimsuit. In our world, this is bigger news than whatever Rupert Murdoch has been up to.

We pulled this together from several sites and we believe it to be the complete and authoritative gallery of her bikini hijinks. It’s what you call one-stop gawking and we’re glad to be of service.

[EDIT: Actually it's not as complete as we thought, but even so it's still pretty flippin' good.]

Just reading that over — change “Nipples, Italy” to NAPLES, Italy. What did we say, nipple? That’s weird. Of course it wouldn’t be summer if it wasn’t hooter — hotter — outside…