Will Kelly Brook Miracles Never Cease? God We Hope Not

Look, the news is the news. You don’t stop covering the Olympics, jut to pick a recent example, because you already did it that week. You don’t decide Mitt Romney is hogging your 2012 election coverage and go back to Rick Perry for variety’s sake.

So when Kelly Brook puts out a new batch of lingerie pictures, that’s news. Doesn’t matter that you just wrote about how ridiculously hot she looked at a movie premiere two days ago or how crazy sexy she was in a video for said movie the week before. That’s not your choice at the journalist — the news is the news.

And the news, this week, is that Kelly Brook is having one hell of a week. These are her latest pictures wearing New Look lingerie, her second shoot for the company. We’re also including her first shoot for reference (those are a little more colorful) and some pictures she did in last week’s Nuts magazine.

After all this lingerie excellence, surely we are done with Kelly for a little while, and we can get back to someone else. That is our speculation — or is it a dare?

Is this it, Kelly, or do you have more tricks up your slee– er, down your intimates? Bring it on, British lady.