Tuesday Totty: Kelly Brook Is a Sexy Angel

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is so crazy hot that even a new advertising campaign is newsworthy. She’s taken some very nice pictures for Lynx deodorant (which is sort of like the British Axe) and shot a video in which she’s an angel fallen to earth. Only she’s trapped! The archangel is trapped, writhing helplessly on a bed wearing a silky nightie. Can you help?

You bet your ass you can.

It’s the second Lynx ad — the first merely featured a bunch of fallen angels making Italian menfolk choke on their cappucinos, then spiking their useless halos due to the irresistible pheremonic charms of the Lynx-enhanced man:

Oh, in other Kelly Brook news, she did a nekked photo shoot with what looks like lipstick smeared all over her body… you’ll be wanting to click this Egotastic link for that. But first, check out these sexy pics from Kelly Brook’s recent shoot with Excite.

Kelly Brook Angel

Kelly Brook Lingerie

Sexy Kelly Brook

Hot Kelly Brook