Kelly Brook’s 2012 Calendar — Now THAT’s a Lingerie Collection

Kelly BrookSo perhaps I was too hard on the Victoria’s Secret ladies yesterday—um, sorry. They are lovely and a lot of people like them. I stand by my opinion but if you like them that way—follow your bliss, dude.

But still—you can’t fault a guy for preferring Kelly Brook. A few of these images from her 2012 calendar have been floating around the internet but we finally have the full collection and, oh, what’s the word…?

Wow. That’s the word. Wow.

These pictures come from the always-excellent Egotastic, which is having a very promising end-of-year hotness poll you should take. Dozens of candidates in 13 categories, this should be good.

But first, Miss Brook (for whom you can vote several times in the Egotastic survey if you like…)