Kelly Brook, Do You Like Your Quasi-Futuristic Lingerie?

Kelly Brook

Is it too early to be thinking about spring and summer? Hell no! Not if you’re in, say, New York City today, where it’s cold as a well digger’s rectum. Not if you’re in the UK, where it’s been snowing for days. Not if you’re in Canada, where you’re in Canada. Put on a couple extra layers and think forward a few months to a warmer time.

Spring and summer. How about some spring and summer lingerie? How about it on Kelly Brook?

Kelly Brook has released some sneak-preview shots of her bad self wearing lingerie from her own New Look spring/summer collection, and it looks like another big win for the Brookster. The girl was born to wear lingerie much like you were born to ogle her in it.

We’ve also included a few shots here from the holiday collection she put out around holiday-time. About a month ago. Because you know what they say about lingerie on Kelly Brook — it’s news that stays news.

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