Attack of the 50-Foot Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Billboard

Just when we thought British uber-fox Kelly Brook couldn’t get any bigger, here she is on a London billboard the size of a city bus and (presumably) much more pleasant to ride. In recent weeks we’ve seen her dressed as Slave Leia and shaking her pert bum; soon enough we’ll see her as a Girls Gone Wild-esque impresario in Piranha 3-D and in a historic magazine photo feature. The girl is just plain hot and shows no signs of cooling off.

We don’t know whether this billboard sells Reebok Easytone shoes, but it sure sells a lot of Kelly Brook. We wonder if they got any shots of her rolling over a bit. They could do that in England, you know. If they can put boobs on Page 3 of three daily newspapers, they could put them on a billboard. Just saying—if Reebok really wants to sell a lot of shoes…

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