Tuesday Totty: Bloody ‘Ell Wot’s Happened to Keeley Hazell

Keeley HazellThe 800-lb gorilla in the room when it comes to British babes is, of course, Keeley Hazell. She bust onto the scene as the winner of Page 3 Idol back in 2004. For awhile she was without a doubt the most popular Page 3 Girl in all of Britain. Arguably the first international Page 3 star thanks to the Internet’s tendency to distribute pictures of boobies to the far corners of the world. Americans who didn’t really know what Page 3 is and might never have even been to the UK knew the name Keeley Hazell.

And then, just like that, she was gone. Keeley pulled a Keyser Soze. And the Internet almost didn’t notice since there were dozens, nay hundreds of great Keeley pictures circulating, and magazines kept publishing unseen photos long after she’d stopped shooting.

Keeley wanted to be a movie star, and fortunately for us her first film adventure played to her strengths. She was “Frozen Girl in Sainsbury’s” in the film Cashback. She took “underboob” to a new level — well, just “boob” really. Here’s a crappy picture from MrSkin.com:

Keeley Hazell79

You get the idea. She’s stuck with the acting thing and we have to good news that her first starring role is as a Page 3 Girl named Keeley in a film called Venus & the Sun.

You can actually download it in HD from the official site, venusandthesun.com — if anyone does, let us know in the comments whether it’s any good. And by “whether it’s any good” we mean “whether Keeley gets naked in it.”

Next up? Like Crazy and St. George’s Day, and we can’t tell you a thing about either of those. Oh, and How to Stop Being a Loser, which also features Gemma Atkinson, who is pretty nice to look at:

But Gemma is another girl, for another day. These days you’ll find Keeley on her blog, KeeleysCorner.com, where she likes to post fashiony pictures of herself. Still a beautiful woman, but it’s a far cry from her glamour modeling look. See if you can tell the difference between Keeley then and Keeley now: