Keeley Hazell: G.O.A.T. #thursdaytotty

Keeley HazellPage 3 Idol, a national search for a topless model that happens in the UK, was supposed to be happening right now in the pages of The Sun. A group of finalists have taken their professional snaps with page 3 photographer Alison Webster, and the paper was to roll them out over the next couple of days.

Acording to Twitter information, the new pictures of sweet young half-naked British things will not be shown until after Christmas. And really, this doesn’t mean a hell of a lot to you if you’re sitting at a computer somewhere other than the UK. There is nothing to see yet, and even when the girls are in the paper there may still be nothing to see. We can take a look back at our favorites like Lyla Ashby and Michelle de Feo, and some others, but the true awesomeness won’t start until we have a winner.

How much awesomeness? How about Lacey Banghard and Lucy Collett awesomeness?

How about Keeley Hazell awesomeness?

Keeley is the girl who put the competition on the map, and when Keeleymania was raging, around 2005, you couldn’t swing a dead cat on the internet without hitting her naked and shapely breasts.

Here’s a look back at Keeley circa Keeleymania. Will the next winner achieve such ubiquity? Well we won’t know until we have a winner, will we? Until then, enjoy:

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