The Unstoppable Sexiness of GEA Images — With Video

PeachesHmm, why do we feel like we already know this guy Eric Gea of GEA Images? Maybe it’s because he shoots all our buddies…

Last week’s Q&A victim, Kaya Danielle (click the picture to go to her feature):

Kaya Danielle

Wendy Fiore, who submitted to our grilling a ways back:

Titania Lyn, a Girlwatcher crush held over from our old website:


The mysterious Monique Minor:

Monique Minor

Jessica Vaugn, who does TSJ’s Girl on Girl action:

Jessica Vaugn

Budding photographer Krystle Lina, and when we say “budding” we are referring to both the fact she is starting out and that she fills up a bra well:

So he takes very sexy pictures of very sexy women — very good. We bring him up today because we stumbled onto his Vimeo page, and — holy Toledo, it’s something to see. See, we were hanging out on Ashley Peaches’ blog. Ashley Peaches looks like this:


That’s also her at the top of this page in the military officer’s cap. So then we saw this:

PEACHES from GEA Images on Vimeo.

As we said — holy Toledo, right? Then we took a look at Jessica’s video:

Jessica Vaugn from GEA Images on Vimeo.

Yikes! And Monique’s:

Monique Minor from GEA Images on Vimeo.

If you want to see all three of Kaya Danielle’s videos, you’ll have to go to GEA’s Vimeo page yourself.

We will leave you with this one: A girl named Chelsea Co. We had been somewhat aware of her, we now upgrade that to very aware. This is just fantastic:

chelsea co from GEA Images on Vimeo.

Good work, Mr. Eric Gea. Very good work.