Katy Perry to Sesame Street: Tickle These Elmos

Katy Perry on SNL

Saturday Night Live alumna Amy Poehler hosted the show’s 2010-11 season premiere, and we were mildly happy to see her joined by Maya Rudolph for a reprise of “Bronx Beat,” a talk show hosted by two outer-borough housewives. Then musical guest Katy Perry showed up bulging out of a tight Sesame Street t-shirt — was this her most pointless display of cleavage yet? Not at all! First, though, the sketch:

Katy’s double-D distortion of Elmo was no accident — last Wednesday, Sesame Street announced that a video of Elmo and Katy would not be airing on the show because some parents had objected to Katy’s cleavage (the clip had been released on YouTube as a teaser for the new season, which began today). Here are Elmo and a Sesame Street producer talking it out with George Stephanopoulos. “Elmo loves Miss Katy,” says the muppet.

Sesame Street has displayed a pretty good sense of humor. But will that makeup “playdate” ever happen, or was the SNL sketch a breast too far? Time will tell. Here’s the original video:

Boobs feed babies. Boobs feed babies!