How Katie Banks and Bryci Spent their Day Off

Katie Banks
How did you spend your Canada Day? Well, unless you live in Canada you spent it like any other Monday — you went to work and fantasized about hot bikini babes while pretending to fill out your TPS reports.

If you live in Canada, though, you had the day off — and perhaps still fantasized, patriotically, about hot bikini babes. And if you live in Canada and your name is Bryci or Katie Banks, you were a patriotic bikini babe.

These two raven-haired sirens of the north like to slap the red-and-white all over their curvaceous figures (they did it last year too). They are doing their part to found a new fetish based on skimpy maple leaf outfits. Is the Canadian-flag bikini the next R2D2 one-piece?

We wouldn’t rule it out — something about that cherry red-on-white look is working for us. It pops. Plus Katie Banks can rock a Raggedy Ann wig, can she not?

(In addition to patriotic Canada Day pictures from these two we’ve also included some “School’s Out” pictures by Bryci and some pictures of Katie in a shirt that just says “Bang!” — not that you needed a t-shirt to tell you that. These come from their extremely sexy websites, and