Katherine Webb Has a Sister. Yep, She’s Hot Too.

Laurie Webb and Katherine Webb

If we learned one thing from the BCS Championship last Monday it’s that Alabama belongs in the NFL.

If we learned two things, the second is that AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, a former Miss Alabama, is extremely hot. Brent Musberger showered her with praise and enthusiasm, which itself was a minor scandal, but as that silly episode fades into the past it’s clear the Katherine Webb phenomenon has legs. They’re jamming her into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, for example.

What Musberger didn’t know, and what probably nobody outside of the state of Alabama knew, is that Katherine Webb has a sister. We learned this from The War Eagle Reader. Laurie Webb is a sophomore at Auburn, and has done some modeling.

Sadly Mr. Musberger could not be reached for comment, but we’ll fill in here with some remarks that the old boy might very well have said:

Hey now! Whoa! Hubba hubba! 23 skidoo! Hot diggity dog! I tell you what, if you go to Alabama to play quarterback you get to go out with a woman with a gooooooooooooood lookin’ sister! Get Wildroot Cream Oil, Charlie!

We believe Laurie is 19, given the handle on her facebook page — “LaurieWebb1993″ — which is where she’s posted these lovely modeling pictures. As you can see if you go there, she loves her Tigers, her conservative politics, the Baby Jesus, and shooting guns. For some of our readers, this makes her the ideal woman. She’s one to watch for sure, which is what we do here at Girlwatcher. Enjoy…

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