Kate Upton Saves the World, Wears Pink Pants

Our favorite girlfriend, Kate Upton, hung out with pro skateboarder, Chaz Ortiz, and did some do-gooding for a charity event this week. What. Hey, TSJ don’t make stuff about about CHARITY.

The deal:  Kate and the Chaz appeared on behalf of Zoo York at a charity event in partnership with Stoked, yesterday.

Kate and Chaz surprised students during their community service clean up at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. Kate posed for photos with students and helped out in the community clean-up.

As a thank you for their service, Kate and Chaz gifted the students with Zoo York product and tickets to the Street League Championship for skateboarding on August 26, which Chaz Ortiz is competing in.

The non-profit organization Stoked Mentoring connects youth to their communities through service projects that improve the urban environment, such as cleaning parks and beaches or restoring community gardens. Stoke’s mission is to promote personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to under-served youth through action sports culture. All of this, sometimes in the company of Kate Upton.

We got a gallery of Kate Upton do-gooding, below.



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