Kate Upton Is the Cover of “Vogue.” We Dig?

Is Kate Upton a guy’s girl or a girl’s girl?

Do we care?

Here’s the deal: Our GF, Kate Upton, is on the May 2013 cover of Vogue, and we’re wondering what are the ladies gonna think of having dude’s fave model all up in the fancy duds magazine? They gonna dig it? They gonna tell her to eat less macaroni? They gonna be amazed by her Cat Daddy boobs of perfection?

It’s not always easy to tell what girls will or won’t like, is it.

What we can say, is that the lady mag that is Vogue certainly seem to be missing the point of Kate Upton, something that’s not lost on our friends over at Sports Illustrated.

Hear us, Vogue photographers: You can try to dowdy the girls up, but they can’t hide forever.

They’ll bounce back.

You’ll see.

Check out the whole story over at VOGUE.

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