Kate Upton in Body Paint Pictures Ensure SI Swimsuit Will Be Epic

Kate Upton

It’s the second week of February, when men’s hearts turn amorous and there’s lovemaking on the brain.

Yes, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is almost here. (You were thinking Valentine’s Day? Aww, you’re adorable.)

News broke on Friday that Kate Upton would again grace the cover, which we were pretty sure of anyway — it was nice to ponder the odds on Hannah Davis or Nina Agdal or even Katherine Webb stealing it from Kate, but really — that wasn’t gonna happen. Kate is at the top of her game. There is a reason we (and everyone else) write about Kate Upton more frequently than any other model, and that is because you, the people, cannot get enough of her.

(Neither can we.)

Here are leaked pictures of Kate Upton in body paint, which is sort of the same thing as Kate Upton nude. Really, it is. Body paint? Ok, we’ll say she’s not nude. Totally not nude. Desnuda? No way, Jose! Although really, she is pretty much nude. Bottom line: Awesome!

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