Kate Upton, Bar Refaeli, and Joanna Krupa Getting Sporty

Joanna KrupaSpring is here! Is it? We think it is, but with this wacky weather who knows — it could snow tomorrow and most of us would just shrug it off at this point. Still — get out and enjoy the pleasant weather you’re having*. Go for a jog, whack a volleyball, play tennis in your underwear. Those things and more** are what Kate Upton, Bar Refaeli and Joanna Krupa are doing in today’s post.

*If you are having pleasant weather.

**By “more” we mean that we have a “banned” Kate-Upton-in-a-bikini commercial in addition to a “banned” Kate-Upton-in-jogging-outfit commercial.

Here’s a Kate Upton Zoo York commercial that was supposedly “banned” from TV. As we’ve mentioned before, just because a network decides to air something, that’s hardly a “ban” as described in a dictionary, but whatever — it’s fun to watch banned things. Especially when they have cockroaches swearing like sailors (say, might that be the real reason for this “ban”? Just sayin’…)

Here’s another “banned” — er, no longer airing — Kate Upton commercial, this one for DirecTV. Kate, you are so very naughty, getting banned all over the place.

Has this Bar Refaeli spot for her own underwear line been banned? If it hasn’t, by Jove it should be. She does the “pick” move right there at the 0:07 mark! Oh, Rick Santorum is not gonna like this.

Bar Refaeli Playing Tennis in Underwear by lemarswayer

Finally, we have Joanna Krupa playing beach volleyball in Miami. Sorry, no video on this one, but we’ll keep an eye out.