Super Bowl Prediction: Kate Upton Will Edge Adriana Lima and GoDaddy Girls

Kate UptonNote: It has been brought to our attention, by the lovely Kate Upton herself (jealous?), that her Carl’s Jr. advertisement just taped and is not a Super Bowl ad. It will premiere later this month. We weren’t the only ones to make this mistake. Anyway we look forward to seeing it. Ok Pussycat Dolls, this thing is yours to lose. –Ed.

The big game is happening Sunday, and you know what that means — companies are going to waste really amazing amounts of money trying to get you to buy things. The big boys in recent years have been GoDaddy, with Candice Michelle, Jillian Michaels, Vanessa Rousso and Danica Patrick, and Carl’s Jr., whose hot babes-on-burger action has featured Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, and Kim Kardashian.

This year? Well, Carl’s Jr. has Kate Upton, so it’s hard to see how that won’t be the hottest ad. But the burger boys aren’t releasing their commercial beforehand; all we have is this one picture (above, and below) of Kate doing the hot beef ingestion. Here’s what we can bring you: Two GoDaddys, two Adriana Limas (for different products) and a random Kim Kardashian video.

GoDaddy, “The Cloud”:

GoDaddy, “Body Paint”:

Kia Adriana Lima commercial teaser:

The making of Teleflora’s Adriana Lima spot:

Kim Kardashian trying to worm her way back into our hearts after this whole marriage debacle. Ah, hell, we’ll give her another chance. Plus, nothing goes with professional sports and the foolish wastage of money like a Kardashian.

Here’s Kate, same picture as above but with 400% more paper bag:
Kate Upton