Spectacular, Spectacular: Karma’s Kandy Masquerade at the Playboy Mansion

You’re not going to throw around a puny word like fun when you’re talking about Karma’s Kandy Masquerade at the Playboy Mansion. Intense excitement is building in anticipation of next week’s event, where “fun,” says  Eric Stotz,  founder and president of the Karma Foundation, promises to be “an understatement.”

The bacchanalia, showcases world-renown entertainers, celebrities, decadent costumes (like original period costumes from the seventeenth century) and out-of-this world reveling, making for a blow-your-senses away, unforgettable night. Lingerie and masks are the only requirements at the anything goes, Eyes Wide Shut-styled Masquerade.

And it’s all for a good cause. This year’s beneficiary charity is the V Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving lives by helping to find a cure for cancer. “We thought it was a noble cause,” says Stotz, adding, “zero percent of the money they raise goes to  administration. One hundred percent of it goes to helping people.”

Stotz, an old hand on the philanthropy circuit, created Karma when he was still in his mid-20s “to bring great people together for a great cause,” he says. “I had a thirst for going to events that were socially-responsible–doing good–and also really fun.”

Karma’s next extravagant soiree is set to be staged this coming Saturday, February 25. The event’s fourth installment at the Playboy Mansion promises to raise the bar on decadence. The Stoli-sponsored party, held over the Academy Award weekend, will draw revelers from around the world as well as a high concentration of celebrities.

“We don’t have to go as bananas as we do, but it’s important to create something spectacular,” Stotz says.

And the Kandy Masquerade, a great vehicle for building social connections and lifelong friends, has gotten rave reviews. “People have told me, ‘Literally, my life has never been the same again,’” says Stotz. “You’re sharing such an extraordinary experience together.”

TSJ Readers are cordially invited to buy tickets on kandymasquerade.com, using code: PR9469.

Photos courtesy of the Karma Foundation