Wednesday Wasabi: Kaoru Sakurako and the Demise of Pink Film

Kaoru SakurakoJapanese T&A stars in the news again!

(Don’t worry, the “news” will be brief. You can skip down to the pictures if you want. We will be none the wiser.)

See, lots of things have been affected by the tragic, awful earthquake-tsunami-nuclear reactor leak that has devastated parts of Japan. And one thing is the film industry, according to this article: “How Japan’s Tragedies Are Affecting Its Film Industry.”

Film companies won’t be shooting at certain locations as planned. Indie films will have a harder time getting financial backing. Releases have been delayed or canceled.

And then there is so-called “pink cinema.” Pink cinema or pink film is softcore Japanese adult fare, a bit of a throwback to a more innocent era of porn. Think of it like those old films Skinemax showed as “Friday After Dark” in the 1980s and 1990s. (These days, what you find on Skinemax seems to be simply re-cut porn. Goodbye, Emmanuelle indeed.)

We’re kind of talking out of our ass here — if you want a better explanation, read the very thorough “Pink film” entry at Wikipedia.

So pink cinema is expected to have a rough time of it, or even to die out, after this quake disaster. The reason is that pink films are often shown in older theaters — they’re not exactly multiplex-ready due to niche appeal and low budgets. As an expert puts it:

“Many of the theaters showing [pink] films are old and have been torn down over the past few years. The quake has exasperated this. Many theaters up north showing these films were destroyed and there are no plans to build new cinemas, so the quake is quite possibly the final nail in the pink cinema coffin.”

That would be a shame. Pink cinema has been an acceptable compromise for nude models who don’t do porn; and porn actresses have been known to dip in and out of pink cinema, which is nice for viewers who occasionally desire plot with their boobs. Pink cinema isn’t so niche that it’s irelevant, either — the Pink Film Awards, started in 1988, were still going strong in 2010 (here’s the site; it’s in Japanese).

Ah, yes. The Pink Film Awards. To pick an actress almost at random (well, we knew we’d be bringing her to you sooner or later), here’s Kaoru Sakurako. She was a successful AV actress who retired from hardcore with the 2004 film Buck-Naked Bomber Boobs Lessons: Sakurako Kaoru’s Retirement Work. She then went into pink film, and won a best actress award in 2007 for her role in Adultery Addiction: Sensual Daze, which was ranked the second-best pink film of the year.

Here endeth the Buck-Naked Bomber Boobs Lesson.