Take a Trip Aboard the Sexy Kandy Kruise

Kandy Kruse Main

Does a three-day party with a thousand incredibly sexy women and the most powerful audio system ever to set sail sound like something you’d be interested in? What if we told you it was put on by the same people who put together all of those raucous Kandyland events at the Playboy Mansion.

Right, sounds like something you’d like to see. Well we have good news for you! That very event, the Kandy Kruise, is an actual thing. And the people behind this year’s Kandy Kruise sent us some exclusive pictures. We’ve posted them below. We think you’ll enjoy them.

Also, be sure to check out the links posted below for all sorts of information on how to be a part of the next Kandy event, Kandy Halloween, at the Playboy Mansion! Use invite code PR9469 to purchase tickets. If 10 Smoking Jacket readers buy tickets, a Bunny will show everyone around the mansion ground prior to the festivities.

That last sentence is not a joke. Seriously. Buy a ticket to the sexiest Halloween party on the planet.

For more information about upcoming Kandy events, check out www.KandyEvents.com and www.KandyHalloween.com. Use invite code PR9469 to purchase tickets and secure your date at the Playboy Mansion!

Pictures courtesy of the Karma Foundation, see more at www.TheKarmaFoundation.com