Kaki West Is a Year Older, Just as Hot

Kaki WestIt’s Kaki West’s birthday.


Of course October 10 is somebody’s birthday everyday, many people’s birthday in fact. In fact it is around 19 million people’s birthday today if you concede that there are people all over the world. So why does Kaki West get special treatment?

Um, maybe it’s because for her birthday she took the time to send us a gift. That’s right, she sent us some hot new pictures of herself as a way to celebrate, and we’d be miserly indeed if we did not share them with you. Let this be a lesson to all of you ladies who are really, extremely attractive: If you send us pictures of yourself in skimpy clothing, we will wish you an official Smoking Jacket/Girlwatcher happy birthday.

Here it is: Happy birthday to you, Kaki “Stretch” West.

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