Kaki West Stretches for Your Safety

Kaki West

Kaki West did a bit of public exercising the other day, and being the smart cookie she is she took the proper precautions:


You have to stretch, see, to limber up those tendons and muscles, otherwise you could pull a muscle and then you’d be an unhappy camper. Getting through your day with a pulled groin is no fun, and Kaki’s not about to risk it.

So a bit of bending over on the lamp post, some situps with a twist, a little bit of jogging, general ponytail-baseball cap-spandex leggings-sportsbra hotness. Say, what is this, an exercise routine or a photo shoot?

Answer: Yes. Either/or. Both. And we’re not about to complain. Stretch for the cameras, Kaki, stretch like the wind. Stretch like you stretched that other time. Stretch whenever you want.

We’ve also got some recent pictures by Eric Gea, master of sexy images, that we found at kakiwest.blogspot.com.

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