Video Slam: Justene Jaro, Jordan Carver, Melanie Iglesias

Justene JaroIt is Justene Jaro’s birthday, and you know what that means — flimsy excuse to look at a ridiculously sexy video! Not that I feel the need for excuses. Looking at sexy videos is time well spent. (Photo by Natalia Mantini.)

In my rundown of some sexy Halloween costumes I brought you a picture of Denise Milani as Catwoman. One damn picture! Can I not do better than that? Yes I can. Here she is on video.

More Halloween costumes? For you, sure. Here’s Melanie Iglesias in a bunch of them, it’s the third installment of her Flipbook series.

This woman’s name is Éva Vica Kerekes and she’s Czech — at least, that’s what says, where I found this clip. I don’t know whether that’s 100% correct, but I do agree with BoobieBlog’s assessment that she is “the Christina Hendricks of the Czech Republic.” In other words, HAWT.

After Tehmeena the Pakistani Bride Part I and Part II, where is there to go? How about on the honeymoon. And in Pakistan it so happens that “honeymoon” means the same as it does in Kazakhstan and Americastan… make sexytime!

Finishing up here with two vids of Jordan Carver done by ClipCritics. I include them both because they are both half as good as I’d like. If someone could splice them together so they have a higher Jordan content and lower dude content that’d be swell. (Nothing against dudes but, you know — move it, you’re blocking the boobs.)