Jordan Carver (Thinks She) Needs a Few Good Bras

Jordan CarverFor Jordan Carver, and many other women of her shape, finding a bra is difficult — and she wants your help.

Now, this is a fairly questionable premise, as many of you are perfectly happy for Jordan to be as bra-less as possible. Really, when you look at this girl, we are just going to assume your first thought isn’t “Oh, dear, let me help you cover those up.”

On the other hand, it is Jordan Carver — when she makes a request, we’re all ears. Or mostly ears. Or at least we have ears. We’re not ear-less.

Here’s the pitch: Jordan is launching JOCA Apparel, which plans to make brassieres for women who have really huge boobs. Or as she puts it (sightly more politely) on her JOCA Kickstarter page:

The truth is, there is simply a poor variety of bras and intimate apparel available for women with bigger busts, especially for smaller framed women or even ladies with a little more to love… The solution is here! Bustylicious women, we heard your cries and now we are here to “support” you! With sizes starting from DD all the way up to I – JOCA™ has got you covered.

And really, all kidding aside, Jordan and others need support. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of their lives — the back pain is said to be really quite intense, and of course gravity can be a bitch as time goes by. This is truly a cause worth getting behind. Or underneath as the case may be.

Here are a few shots of prototypes for the new JOCA over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. (Jesus, what are we, 12 years old? Sorry about that one.) OOOOOOPS, looks like you will have to click through 14 pictures of Jordan from her official blog before you get to the bra prototypes. Sorry, some sort of website glitch:

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