Jordan Carver’s Movie Looks… Good?

Jordan Carver
We’re not going to lie to you: a lot of low-budget movies will get a super-hot model to walk through a few scenes in the hope that some cleavage shots in the trailer will make people want to see what’s obviously a terrible movie. We’ve watched those movies, too many of them to mention.

So we must admit that we were skeptical about Who Killed Johnny?, which features Jordan Carver in a cameo role. Oh, and our previous glimpses of it had been photos from the set of Jordan hanging out with a Johnny Depp lookalike.

How could this film possibly be good? And yet… it looks kind of good.

Even though it’s in German, with subtitles… it looks kind of good.

Even though we (and everyone else) will cite a similarity to Weekend at Bernies… it looks kind of good.

And even though Jordan’s 32HH breasts are clearly there for numerous gags… she looks kind of like she can act.

And Jordan isn’t even the only girl worth ogling here — the lead actress, Melanie Winiger, is a former Miss Switzerland.

Damning with faint praise? Maybe. But we’ve seen a lot of bad movies with gratuitous hot babes over the years, and this one doesn’t look bad. No, it looks good. We would see this movie. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself:

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