Jordan Carver Puts Up Her Dukes as Tina Armstrong From DOA

Jordan Carver as Tina from DOA

If you’ve ever encountered any of the DOA: Dead or Alive console games, you’ve no doubt had a thought something along these lines:

Gosh these are some zaftig pugilists!

Sheesh these are some pneumatic combatants!

Crikey these are some buxom grapplers!

From its original release in 1996, DOA: Dead or Alive managed to combine the action of fighting games with the high jiggle factor of a Baywatch montage in a way that seemed sort of wrong for a video game — yet turned out to be oh so right. In fact, the creators essentially owned up to their inspiration after DOA 3 (a monster title for the then-new XBox console) by releasing a game in which the Dead or Alive characters play beach volleyball — beach volleyball as imagined by the director Russ Meyer.

(Editor’s note: There are male characters in the game too.)

A 2006 film based on the series didn’t quite work out. See if you can guess why from this image of Tina Armstrong as played by the very lovely Jaime Pressly:

DOA Tina Jaime Pressly

Dead or Alive 5 is about to drop, and the chaps at Egotastic! enlisted a real-life babe to take some pictures as Tina, and you just have to admit that Jordan Carver has that extra oomph to her that DOA‘s character designers bestowed upon Tina (and the other DOA ladies).

That’s one character cast — there are only about eight or nine other fightin’ beauties in DOA 5. Who gets the call — can someone whip up a costume for Tay Stevens or Wendy Fiore? Would Sophie Reade make a good Helena? And what about Kasumi — the thinking man’s DOA babe — how about a bona fide Japanese girl like Sayuki Matsumoto or Kaoru Sakurako?

Much props to Egotastic — below are some of the pictures, visit the post at for the full gallery.

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