Jordan Carver Handbra Gallery for Equality Among Genders

Jordan CarverYesterday was National Go Topless Day in the USA, and in many American cities women assembled to get their hoots out in the name of equality. The organizers of Go Topless Day also called upon men to wear bras and in so doing endure the hell that is having boobs people tend to gawk at.

The organizers of Go Topless Day are the Raelians, and the idea is credited to their nutty leader, Rael, who believes he is preparing the Earth for the arrival of the Elohim, the space beings who created all of us.


So we started a wee bit of static last week when we expressed surprise that Jordan Carver didn’t finish in the top three of the SpyOnVegas bikini competition. We did not mean that Sivan Krispin, Mimi Leveille and Pam Rodriguez weren’t worthy winners. (This picture of Mimi Leveille continues to haunt us.) But Jordan Carver is just one of the most popular models on the entire damn internet right now. And why is that?

Well this brings us back to the subject of toplessness. Here is a gallery of the superpneumatic Jordan Carver going topless, in a PG-13 kind of way.