Jodie Marsh Supports Britain In the Olympics with Her Tight Bikinis

We’ve seen porn stars showing their American pride in star-and-stripey bikinis and an Australian Penthouse Pet earning honorary citizenship (in our book at least) for doing the same — but with the Olympic Games going on right now in London, will any bodacious Brit step up to the plate?

Yes indeed — she is Jodie Marsh. Jodie’s a reality-star-turned-glamour-model-turned-fitness-model; also a wardrobe-malfunction queen who was once dubbed “human Viagra.” She took to the beach recently and Instagrammed (handle: jodiemarshtv) herself stuffed into not one but two patriotic bikinis.

As every London tabloid has already put it — Jodie’s getting her Brits out for the cause. Because “Brits,” see, it rhymes with “tits,” and at soccer games the boorish fans sing this song that goes “Get your tits out…” Oh never mind. Just look at the pictures.