Jessica Vaugn is Bringing Girl on Girl to TSJ

Jessica Vaugn

We’re already happy enough to feature beautiful women on TSJ day in and day out, but when those beautiful women also offer to bring other beautiful women to the site, we get really excited. That’s exactly what happened when the lovely Jessica Vaugn pitched us an idea we just couldn’t pass up.

Starting Monday, Jessica will be contributing a new feature to The Smoking Jacket called “Girl on Girl.” Each week, she’ll sit down with another sexy model to ask her all the questions most guys wouldn’t have the courage to ask. It should go without saying that those interviews will be accompanied by a gallery of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of that, what fun would it be to have Jessica on board without first featuring her in a sexy gallery of her own? Check out all sorts of lovely from Jessica today, and come back Monday to read the very first edition of “Girl on Girl.” We’re approximately 108% certain you’ll enjoy it.

See more from Jessica at her official website, Or to see her in a NSFW way, go here.

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