Jessica Vaugn Models Lingerie Really Well

TSJ talks to our one of our own! Jessica Vaugn’s column, Girl on Girl, is one of the top hitting columns on our site. Jessica recently modeled for JLIntimates’ lingerie catalog, and she chatted with us about what it’s like getting in front of the cameras, and why sexy underpants are a good thing.

The Smoking Jacket: What do you love about lingerie?

Jessica Vaugn: What I love about lingerie most is men’s reactions to it! I mean, after all, that’s why we do it… both in photos and in the bedroom! Nothing defines classy female sexuality visually more than well fitting lingerie to magnify that which we love about our body and minimizing the things we are self conscious about.

TSJ: What was the best part of this shoot?

JV: We shot the images, just me and the photographer, over a two-day period which happened to be the hottest days of the year. We were in Lake Havasu, Arizona so the dry, scorching heat brought our photo set to a killer 118 degrees. All that to set the scene for what the best part of the shoot was; I’d have to say slowing it down over two days with tons of breaks and scenery changes rather than the usual eight hours of solid modeling on paper in a studio like other catalog experiences have been for me.

TSJ: Do you have any fave pieces? Were you allowed to hang on to any?

JV: This teal dress was my favorite item. Everything from that particular designer within the multi-designer collection I was cataloging for 2012 just amazed me! I would not be surprised if Fredericks of Hollywood picked this up and sold it nationwide. This item is really flattering and silky to the touch. I appreciated the extra push up lift and the high quality lace detail on the panty… A real winner!

TSJ: What do you do to get into the right mood for modeling? Music? Attitude?

JV: For me, it all depends on the vibe of the shoot set by the location, the photographer, anyone else around on set. The quieter or lower energy the set, the more external things I need to pump me up like music, caffeine, etc. The biggest mood setter for me is to love my hair and makeup. Feeling your best before you slip on the clothes you’re shooting can make a huge difference in how your confidence translates in a photo. I can promise the photos of models men like the most, the model felt amazing about herself that day. I can’t reference a day I felt bad about any aspect of life where I took a career changing photo. Women are just that way!

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