Jessica Vaugn Made Us a Sexy Video. Thank you, Jessica Vaugn!

Jessica Vaugn Made Us a Sexy Video. Thank you, Jessica Vaugn!

TSJ is good buds with our “Girl on Girl” correspondent, Jessica Vaugn. And we were happy to get to know her even better when she sent us this fine, fine video. Our interview, below.

But don’t forget to watch the vid…

The Smoking Jacket: When did you shoot this video? How long did it take to put together?

Jessica Vaugn: I shot this video in October with my buddy Eric, GEA Photo! We shot all day to produce this video material. I plan outfits the week before and other details have to be thought about prior to filming. The music was Eric’s choice, I think he did a great job finding music to fit the energy of the video and putting it all together in an upbeat and sexy final product.

TSJ: What’s the sexiest part of the video do you think?

JV: I personally love how my white jeans are half on half off… I don’t really know what’s so interesting about that for me, but, really digging it in this video!!

TSJ: How do you get yourself in the right mood for sexy pics? Music? A good rapport with the photographer?

JV: I have rules to produce good photos and videos. I cannot be either cold, tired, or hungry. I make myself sleep a full night prior, have my protein and caffeine on set, and do my best to have a temperature-regulated environment. I know what things make me distracted or uncomfortable so I work hard to avoid these obstacles to my success.

It also really helps to like the way I look going into a photo or video shoot. I wear clothes and lingerie the properly flatter my body and I get my hair and makeup just the way I want it to feel my best on set! I’m on the fussier side of these details but that is because I aim to make magic 100 percent of the time and know what works for me.

High energy music definitely helps me keep moving. Without it, it can be easy to run out of things to do with myself while filming on a white wall! I’ve known the photographer/videographer for about three years and we are friends after all this time… that always helps when wanting to produce a sexy end result.

You cannot think there are not negative consequences, even if they are subtle, with a girl working with someone she doesn’t trust or picks up vibes that person is trying to take advantage of them. I’m lucky to really enjoy the photographers close to me!

TSJ: Are you going to start making more vids/featuring them with us on TSJ? We hope so!

JV: For sure! A lot goes into making them so I only make a few a year but I will always share them with TSJ  readers!


Jessica Vaugn from GEA Images on Vimeo.

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