Jessica Vaugn’s Cleavage Speaks Mexican

We want to help you celebrate a happy post-Cinco de Mayo Monday, and we think the best way to say ¡hola! to the day after a belly-full of fajitas fiesta, when you’re so ready to bust a gut you fear your belly’s a pinata in the making, is to show you some sexy pics of our non-Latina pally, Jessica Vaugn ACTUALLY TAKEN IN MEXICO.



The good thing about Mexico is that’s it’s muy caliente and so the mamasitas who hang thereabouts don’t be having to wear too much cover-up and clothes and such, which leads us nicely in our natural appreciation of all things naturally lovely about TSJ Playmate cronie, Jessica Vaugn.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for sharing your Mexican photo shoot pics with us.


Check it:

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