Jessica Hart and Sara Sampaio in Smokin Hot Bikini Model Death Match

Jessica Hart and Sara Sampaio
We’re pretty sure that when Calzedonia swimwear planned its 2013 summer lookbook the company didn’t really figure anyone would call the pictures a “death match.”

We’re also pretty sure that these pictures they took of Sara Sampaio and Jessica Hart were not intended to be just about selling swimsuits.

We look at a lot of swimsuit pictures in our line of work, and they have to tread a fine line — you want a beautiful woman so that the shoppers associate your product with being beautiful, but you don’t want her to be intimidatingly sexy. The average girl on the street is not going to identify with Jordan Carver, Shay Maria or Justene Jaro. Too sexy. That’s our hunch, anyway.

We hate to say it, but these pictures might have failed in that respect. We’re thinking they might be too sexy. Not too sexy to keep you glued to your computer screen — they are plenty sexy for that — but too sexy to convince the common woman that these swimsuits are for her.

All that’s left, really, is to study the evidence and make your call — which of these two smokin’ hot girls wins? Sara Sampaio, the brunette from Portugal, or Jessica Hart, blonde from Australia?

That, sir, we cannot say — that is for each man to decide. Study the evidence well. And rest assured that “death match” is just a figure of speech — we are not really going to kill the phenomenally beautiful model you don’t pick. We are against that.

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