One Man’s Video Tribute to Olympic Athletes in Tight, Tiny Shorts

Today’s post might make you feel a little dirty. These are the videos taken by a particular Turkish sports fan who goes by ajyari099999 on YouTube. He likes what he likes, and there is probably nothing illegal about filming athletes in competition — it’s a public performance after all.

So our friend ajyari099999 goes to events like, say, the IAAF 2012 World Championships in Istanbul and makes his movies. Short films of elite athletes — to be more specific, the toned buttocks of some of the hottest elite female athletes.

ajyari099999, you are a sick man. Thank you for doing what you do.

Snežana Rodić (did not make the Olympics)

Jessica Ennis (the “face of the Olympics” — well, fine, if you’re a face man.)

Ilka Semmler & Katrin Holtwick (eliminated by a Brazilian team a few days ago)

Darya Klishina (made the Olympic team, but maybe didn’t — she’s on the Olympics website, but not competing in any events.Huh?)

And just because it never gets old, here’s Michelle Jenneke.