Girl on Girl: Jessi June and Jessica Vaugn

Jessi June GalleryJessi June is a super cute go-getter I met on a shoot in Chicago! All I will say is it involved a whole can of Barbasol in my hotel room! This little fireball will have you smiling through her interview. I have to say her written euphemisms are really how she talks is person. I love to see good things happen to good people, and Jessi’s modeling has really taken off! Read her interview to see the unbeatable way she’d spend her last day on Earth; why she loves both guys and gals; and where you can find her on the net to stay in touch!




Miami, FL

Jessi, you’re such a baby still… you must have been dying to turn 18 and shred your clothes for sexy pictures!! What’s the back story on your modeling? How old were you when you wanted to shoot for the first time? What made you get into nude modeling instead of something else?

When I turned 18, I had a lot of decisions to make in my life, and I set goals for myself. My first one was to follow one of my dreams. Well, I had always dreamed of being a model. So I got some pictures up online from your local Mall studio, and started networking and things went from there. As for the nude aspect, when I first started, I had always loved nude photos, but never had the courage to try them. Then an awesome photographer, who specializes in the nude arts hit me up, and I couldn’t resist. I tried it, I loved it, and so is the beginning of the naked age for Jessi June.

Lets say you can kidnap any band on earth to spend Christmas with you and your family, who are you adding to your happy holiday?

Bon Jovi! I’ve always been a fan of Jersey’s finest, and I think that between the stories they could share from the road, and just their overall awesomeness, they would make for a hell of a Christmas Dinner.

If you could undo one thing you ever did, that you want to share with us, what would that thing be?

I wouldn’t have given up on myself so early in life. From puberty until I was 17, I had pretty much written everything off, didn’t really try, got in trouble… you know the type. I had given up on myself. It took a “Eureka, light-shining-down-from-heaven, angels singing” moment to show me that life was livable. Once I turned 18, I restarted life, and haven’t gotten a B, or stopped chasing my dreams since.

What do you love most about Playboy?

Well lets see: We can start with the fact that it’s just enveloped by gorgeous women! I mean, even their writers *Cough Wheeze Jessica* are unbelievably hot! Then factor in that they were one of the pioneers in all of this, and that they pretty much helped mainstream the genre of work I do… I owe a lot to the brain trust of the bunny!

What do you love most about sex?

Well, I’m bisexual, so with men, I love the passion of it all. I’ve never been one for one night stands, so any time I’ve let someone’s Columbus explore my Americas, its been with some emotions behind it. With women, I love the sensuality of it. Everything’s so soft, and intense, and just different from being with a guy. But, I’ve been a person that wants to have her cake and eat it too, so I love my bacon, and I love my eggs, but man don’t they just taste better together?

What is something you look for in a guy you are interested in dating? What things make you run from a guy?

First and foremost, they have to eat more then I do. I’m a big eater, so I need guy with a big appetite. Second, they need to have an awesome sense of humor. I’ll sacrifice all the 6 packs this side of the Mississippi for a chubby guy who cracks me up. Finally, self-confidence. I love a man who can walk into a room, and fit in no matter the situation. In our line of work, we meet tons of different people from all walks of life, and if they’re going to keep up, they need to be able to walk into any set of people, and not only feel comfortable, but make others feel comfortable. Turn-offs: Cockiness, being a pretty boy, or just any sort of douchebaggery.

You almost live in a hotel! Do you miss home? What do you miss most about being planted somewhere?

A COUCH! I’ve been on the road for over seven months straight now, and I can say I miss a ton of the little things most people take for granted. A refrigerator, a couch, my own cable stations… it really is such a comfort to KNOW what you’re coming home to. But do I miss home? Honestly: No. I’ve seen 45 states and 2 countries. I’ve eaten at some of the best places, seen some of the coolest things, and I understand I may never get a second chance in my life to do this, so I will have time for all of the pleasantries of home. Now is a time for experience, and the time it is a-wasting!

You finally made it up to Toronto to shoot with Ward Laforme Jr. I just shot with him last month in LA. What a guy! Lets take a sec and plug our buddy. What was your shoot like with Ward? I love your legs in his shots!!

It was fun!! I love Ward! After hair and makeup, we were taking pics for a magazine submission, so we pretty much focused on one set. He was awesome and kept me laughing the whole time. I think the pics came out pretty good too!

What are you studying in school, how is that going? Ya know, having online class in your car?

HA! It’s actually pretty easy compared to my business. I’m currently studying business, and plan to open one of my own. I used to think school was so rough, but after doing this, now I find school to be simple! I schedule my shoots around my online exams, and fit in my school work whenever I can. Between school, work and marketing/networking, I think I sleep about four hours a day.

If you could pick how to spend your last day alive, what would you be doing?

Hmmm… Well, after starting my day having sex with the Victoria’s Secret angels, I would then go eat all my favorite foods, followed by throwing a massive party with all my friends (and of course you’re invited too Jessica!) until it was time to go. Then I would find someone to haunt so I could be on Ghost Adventures!

Damn, so I’m invited to the party but not the VS orgy? Overall that sounds like an amazing last day on earth! Any links you want to share?

And every other Social Networking site under Jessi June!