Jessenia Vice Says ‘No Manches!’ Plus Jiggly Russian Commercials

Jessenia ViceJessenia Vice (you remember Jessenia) stars in a video for the Mun2 (pronounced “mundos”) channel, which is like a Spanish-language MTV if MTV still showed music videos. This is called “No Manches,” which literally means “Don’t stain” but is more commonly used to mean something akin to “Don’t yank my chain.” At least, that’s what our Spanish-speaking neighbor tells us.

Hm. We can’t say we understand the comedic nuances of this video, but we do like the idea of dripping donut glaze on Jessenia’s cheeks from a great height. That’s good fun in any language.

Here is a music video from Mun2, also starring Jessenia (smart people over at Mun2) in which she is trying to decide what to wear. Can they show this on TV? Apparently so.

Vanessa Veasley getting her ish ready for a photo shoot? Okay, we’ll watch that.

Busted Coverage sent Ashley Salazar (you remember Ashley) to the Super Bowl to interview celebrities. In a flimsy white wife-beater tee. Sorry, Ashley, could you repeat the question?

Speaking of flimsy white wife-beater tees–enjoy this Russian advertisement for god-knows-what. It is highly effective even if we’re not sure what to buy afterwards. Below it there are two more in the same series. You stay classy, Russia.