Jessenia Vice Does it Gangnam Style in Her Underwear

Jessenia Vice Gangnam StyleGuess how many views the original Gangnam Style clip has on YouTube. Just guess.

839,995,325. That’s nearly 840 MILLION views of this — what? The genre would be we suppose “Asian rapper doing funny dance.” At this rate, it may surpass the combined total of the top three “comedy” videos on YouTube, which are “Charlie Bit My Finger (Again),” “Tootin’ Cousins Baby Bathtub,” and “BallsCrash.”

That restores our faith in humanity a little bit.

Because Gangnam Style, even now, is still awesome. Videos of babies farting in a tub are stupid. We as a world have a choice: We can go down the road of Gangnam Style, wherein we reward something for being awesome, or we can go down the road of babies farting in a tub, wherein we reward something for being stupid.

And if we reward babies farting in a tub, pretty soon — as we learned from the eerily prophetic movie Idiocracy — mass entertainment will be reduced to nothing but anonymous farting clips.

Somewhere in middle, although much, much closer to awesome than stupid, is a clip of an extremely hot girl dancing in her underwear to “Gangnam Style.” And that’s what we have for you today. This is Jessenia Vice — model, TV personality, and recording artist — in her underwear dancing like a Korean rapper. It is awesome because Jessenia is awesome.

(About that “Recording Artist” — first single “In Love With the DJ” is taking its first baby steps. So far all we have is a clip of Jessenia and DJ Pauly D playing it at a club, but when the official bootylicious video comes out we will bring that to you as soon as humanly possible.)

OK OK OK fine… twist our arm… here is the original “Gangnam Style” video for you.

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