Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Shock and Awe for New Series

Jennifer Love HewittJennifer Love Hewitt has been with us in mature, lust-afterable form for about 17 years, having bust her way into our hearts as the teenage girlfriend of the teenage boy on Party of Five. She was a cute little angel-face who wore tight sweaters that made you think naughty thoughts — she captured some essence of high school sexuality, seemingly unaware of her own hotness hidden in plain sight. She was in her twenties at the time, but there you go — that’s acting for you.

In a way, throughout her career she has preserved that mystique. She has always known what we want from her but has only given us fleeting glimpses of it. She has always remained the good girl.

And now, if these promos from her new series The Client List are to be trusted, she’s saying goodbye to all that. Hooray! Finally, JLH in bra and panties, playing to your lowest common denominator. Not because she has to — because she can.

“Definitely the boldest shoot I’ve done, by far,” she says in the first clip below. We’ve also got a sexy music video, a promo clip with some hot implied massaging action, and a Maxim photo shoot. Show premieres this Sunday at 10 pm.