Girl on Girl: Jen Amber and Jessica Vaugn

Jen Amber MainI met Jen last month at my studio in LA while she was shooting with another photographer. We got to know one another while I did her makeup, and I was pleasantly surprised what a bright girl she really is! Jen is not only a knockout, she is a calm spirit and a great conversationalist! This all natural beauty loves health, fitness and guys who can handle her humor!




Phoenix, Arizona

Where are you living now?

I split my time between Phoenix and Pasadena.

What got you into modeling?

Wow, where to start? I was approached by an agency back when I was 14-years-old to do a bit of runway work and print work. I only pursued it to an extent as I was still in high school and very much involved in dance. After I finally accepted that I was no longer able to continue dance (due to an injury I sustained when I was hit by a car on my bicycle when I was 11-years-old), I really looked to modeling.

I have done a few “office” jobs here and there, but for the most part been full time modeling since I turned 18-years-old and was out on my own. My experience with dance has definitely helped me understanding how to move for the camera, confidence, etc.

I love your hair and your legs! What is your favorite part of your body?

Thank you so much! I would have to say my stomach. It is a combination of genetics and healthy lifestyle, but I’ve always had fairly defined abs and a very flat (and small) tummy!

What is a bad habit you have?

I cannot sit still! Well… I can physically sit still.. I’m always planning my next trip, shoot, anything! I always make sure I’ve got something on my calendar. I love traveling and experiencing new places and meeting new people. If I’m in one place or town for more than a few weeks, I feel it’s time to go somewhere else!

What is a good habit you have?

I love keeping active. I blame it on my dance background. I’m used to keeping very active and physically fit. I can get lost in yoga, running or anything else. People always ask me how I stay in shape. Honestly I don’t think about it or really try. I just HAVE to stay active, it helps me keep my mind clear and happy. It’s a lifestyle, really. I just feel better when I’m active.

Lets say you couldn’t model anymore after today. What would you do as a career?

I actually got a great idea from my boyfriend recently about this. I have always been into fitness and healthy eating and cooking. I love cooking, especially healthy food that tastes great! A lot of my friends (and family) have come to me in the past with help for motivation or advice on how to get and stay healthy or get into shape. Down the road I think I would really enjoy helping others with lifestyle changes to become healthy. Almost like a lifestyle coach, but a bit different.

Where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?

If it’s by location, I would have to say Singapore or Thailand!

What is one shoot you wish you could undo?

I generally try to put a decent amount of thought into shoots before I do them. Since I started I have always been pretty good about maintaining a certain level of professionalism, and making sure that it wasn’t anything too silly or crazy or that I would regret! Sounds crazy, right?

What were you like in high school?

I think it was due to dance, but I was pretty true to who I am today. I was comfortable with who I was. That being said, I am still a bit nerdy, goofy and love to have fun! You can’t take anything TOO seriously!! Life is so much easier when you can laugh (especially at yourself when needed) and just be happy.

Your boots shot has been copied a bunch, how does that make you feel?

It is always funny to stumble across, to be honest. I’ve even had photographers want to copy the photo, which I think is silly. It’s MY photo, I have already done it! The photographer I worked with on that image is amazing (and a good friend of mine), so I was lucky to work with him on that image. I’m not one to be arrogant, but I am yet to stumble across one that comes close to the one that is in my portfolio (I give credit again, to the photographer). I guess it is flattering and considered a compliment, but I wish people would be a tad more creative.

The boys wanna know…what traits do you look for in a partner? What things do you avoid?

To sound totally cliche, I really look mostly for a great personality. Someone who can laugh as much as me. I like to have fun and joke around with people, and almost pick on them. They need to be able to handle that and even dish it back! I am the middle of three girls, we pick on each other all of the time, but that’s how we show we love each other. So I need someone who can deal with that.

I cannot stand people who are arrogant. Maybe it’s due to being in the modeling industry for so long, but it’s not about outside looks. That can fade or change so quickly. Arrogance seems to usually be covering up insecurity.

If you hit the lotto, what would you do with your first million?

In all honestly, I think it makes a difference on how much the winnings would be. I would want to help pay off any debts for my sisters and family and maybe just save the rest.

I know you do yoga everyday. Why do you love it and how has it helped you?

I only got into it within the past two years and it has helped me in so many ways! My knee injury that I sustained from the accident as well as dancing is practically gone. It has also helped me get back the flexibility that I had while dancing. Yoga helped me get more patience, as well. It truly has helped me on a physical and mental state. I try and get all of my friends to just try it once.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush? What about your current celeb crush?

One that stands out to me was Paul Rudd (when he was in Clueless). A few that I have a crush on now are Johnny Depp, Clive Owen and Christian Bale. It seems I’ve always had a thing for the older guys.

I crush Paul Rudd too! I love that you’re a natural girl…all that blonde hair is yours and a body to be envied! What has made you want to stay true to yourself?

I learned young, that you have to be happy and stay true to yourself. My dad taught me that. Just knowing how close we were (he passed away seven years ago), and how proud of me he was, helps me to this day. You cannot control how or what others think of yourself, but you can control how you feel about yourself. You have to stay true to yourself to be happy.

If you could throw out one law in the US that you totally disagree with, what would it be?

Simple answer: It is slowly starting to change, but I would have to say gay marriage.

Where can we stalk you online?

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