Leap Day, Wasabi Style: Juggy Japanese Girls Jumping

Miwa OshiroLeap day comes but once every four years, and it being ‘leap’ and all it’s the perfect opportunity to look at girls jumping around in bikinis. At least, that’s what we think.

In the spirit of Wednesday Wasabi — here are Japanese girls jumping.

NOTE: They’re not all jumping like crazed Price is Right contestants who’ve just been told to “Come on down!” Some are subtle in their jumping, others are just sort of bouncing. But trust us — all of these clips are worth a look.

Kana Kurashina

Miwa Oshiro

Hitomi Tanaka

Yuhki Maeda


Aki Hoshino


Here’s Hannah “JWOW” Minx explaining the Japanese word for “Exercise.” No, she doesn’t jump, but she does pushups, which s pretty entertaining.

…and, why not, here’s a legendary clip of bouncing ladies on The Price is Right — sorry the resolution is crap, this is several years old.