Wednesday Wasabi: Even The NY Times Loves Japanese Porn Stars

The New York Times recently reported on Maxima Pictures, a company that films inexpensive horror movies in Indonesia. Maxima, it seems, has found that throwing a Japanese porn star into the mix is a winning publicity move. Problem is, Indonesia is a real buzzkill of a country. It contains the largest Muslim population in the world — that would be 80-some percent of its people, and it’s the fourth most populous country in the world. So porn stars aren’t terribly welcome there, even if they’re shooting non-porn movies. (As you may recall, Playboy wasn’t terribly welcome either, even without nudity.)

Two usual suspects showed up in the story, arguably the most popular Japanese porn stars in recent years, both of whom we’ve covered: Maria Ozawa, who starred in Kidnapping Miyabi, and Sola Aoi, who in the latest horror masterpiece, Evil Nurse 2:

Also mentioned is Rin Sakuragi, who was in the original Evil Nurse. She looks like this:

Our research turned up a fourth: Erika Kirihara, who featured in Cougar Party which, surprisingly, is not a porno. This is what Erika looks like:

Grab your chopsticks, boys, we have more pictures of these fine actresses below. (If you get confused, just remember this: Rin has no boobs to speak of, but is extremely proud of her butt. Erika has boobs.)