January 8: How Were Elvis Presley, David Bowie and R. Kelly All Born on the Same Day?

Yeah, it’s an octomom kinda deal that went down with these guys: The dudes are totes triplets. What are you racist? They’re triplets. The never-before-outed triplets (we never said they were IDENTICAL TRIPLETS, yo), Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and R. Kelly, are celebrating their conjoined b-days in high style today. Buy the fellas a few peanut-butter and banana birthday cakes. Wear your tightest pants. Some lightning bolt eyeshadow. Watch some Muppet-loving “Labyrinth.” Tell the world you’re the greatest.

Or remember them by watching a coupla key vids we’ve so handily provided you with, below.

I wish I was a triplet with David Bowie.

Elvis — “In the Ghetto”

David Bowie’s new single — “Where Are We Now?”

Funniest R. Kelly Song — “Same Girl”

Now, for old time’s sakes, watch the spoof — “Same Lady”

And just ‘cus: Billy Bragg — “The World’s Greatest”