Jamie Lee Darley Keeps Entourage Interesting

Jamie Lee DarleyEntourage is back for its final season, and that means lots of babes for you, the viewer.

Turtle is still running some sort of promotions agency (truth be told, his is not the most interesting or believable storyline these days) which involves sending out really hot girls in very short skirts. And we are glad to see that the Victoria’s Secret Model Search runner-up Jamie Lee Darley is still part of the team. She’s the crazy tall blonde; at 5’11″ plus a few inches for heels she’s much taller than her teammates and she dwarfs poor 5’7″ Jerry Ferrara.

You’d think a girl like that would have played basketball in high school. And she sure did — she was the center, and she was really good. She also played volleyball and spiked it in the other chicks’ faces like nobody’s business. This is a really interesting clip (not guaranteeing you will find it sexy, although you might):

It made us think of a few giantesses in high school (every class has at least one) who dominated sports like basketball and volleyball and were cute in a giantess way. Were they just Victoria’s Secret models in their dormant phase, soon to come bouncing down the catwalk in demi-cups and thong panties?

Ah, high school.

Where were we.

Jamie Lee Darley — no disrespect to winner Kylie Bisutti, but come on, Jamie Lee had that contest in the bag. It was all two years ago and since then Jamie Lee has done an Arby’s commercial, this Entourage gig and a fashion photo shoot here and there — she really needs to do more.

And by “do more” we do not mean “marry boyfriend U.S. soccer player Sacha Klejstan, retire from modeling and move to Belgium.” That is not the sort of “more” we are talking about.