Jaime Edmondson Picks the Conference Championship Winners

Jaime Edmondson

This weekend, four NFL teams will meet to decide who goes on to play in the Super Bowl for the ultimate prize, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. We’re sure you don’t need much help getting excited for the big games this Sunday, but a little extra motivation never hurts, especially when it involves Playmate and full on internet sensation Jaime Edmondson.

You might remember Jaime’s incredible September photo shoot featuring gear from the 12 teams she predicted would advance to the playoffs. Bears and Steelers fans were left out in the cold back then and, along with fans of several other teams, were quick to complain about it. Well, we have good news for fans of those two teams and great news for fans of pictures of a scantily clad Jaime Edmondson! Next week, keep an eye out for an all new photo shoot featuring gear from all the teams that were left out the first time around. That means you, Bears and Steelers fans!

Jaime Edmondson Bears

Jaime Edmondson Steelers

But why stop there? Head over to the Playmate of the Year site and check out Jaime Edmondson’s picks for the winner of each game this weekend and to relive the magic of that classic NFL photo shoot. Click here to see it all!