J. Marie Is Not Part of Colin Kaepernick’s Off-Season Regimen

J. Marie
It’s a question that you won’t see on a Disney commercial anytime soon: “Colin Kaepernick, you didn’t win Super Bowl XLVII, what are you going to do next?”

Because when you lose, nobody cares too much what you do, and since you don’t have any tickertape parades cluttering up the calendar you are pretty much free to go away for some quiet time. Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback who came out of nowhere to bring his team within inches of a championship, went to Atlanta, according to this article, and then came back to the west coast to schmooze at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards and at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala.

Yes, yes, fine, but why do you care about Colin Kaepernick right now? Because in that same article he is asked about his ladyfriend situation, and he replies:

“I’m single and solo.”

This is big news to us because this means he is no longer with the latest have-you-seen-her pro athlete’s squeeze, a model named J. Marie who hit the sports blogs just before the Super Bowl.

Holy what! But just over two weeks ago they were (reportedly) together! Yes, and just over two weeks ago Colin Kaepernick had a chance of winning the Super Bowl. Time happens.

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