Insta-Goddess Claudia Guzman: Some Assembly Required

Claudia Guzman
As you enjoy these photos of Claudia Guzman, you might want to consider a (sort of) famous quotation by Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn said it during filming of Bus Stop, the movie that proved she could actually act. Director Josh Logan wanted a super-close-up of Monroe and her co-star Don Murray — the camera in so tight that their faces filled the screen. In fact, their faces more than filed the screen — their foreheads and chins and ears were out of the frame at various times. When someone (perhaps Murray) pointed out that the top of his head was missing, Marilyn said, “The audience won’t miss the top of your head, Don. They know it’s there because it’s already been established.”

It’s a kinda ditzy observation, but kinda brilliant. Getting back to Claudia Guzman (the model also known as Claudia G): Her instagram (@claudiaguzman123) is a wonderland of sexy pictures. Claudia is a brilliant self-shooter, but be warned: You don’t always see all of her. Sometimes you see one body part, or two body parts, or the top of one body part and the bottom of another, or a side view of a body part with some other parts sneaking around in the background.

But don’t let that put you off. Claudia Guzman has a head, and boobs, and a torso, and a booty, and arms and legs, and they all fit together in the customary arrangement. It’s already been established.